Whether you pack cones or are a rolling expert, the StayLit-Tips are the best way to class up your game and create a luxury smoking experience. Great airflow means your rolls stay lit without constant toking. German surgical-grade steel is hand-polished to a mirror finish for unmatched elegance and durability.StayLit Tip’s extended shape keeps it easy to pass while enjoying a joint or blunt. Sit back and enjoy Smoking Perfection.   

WHY StayLit?

MADE in Austria
MADE from Surgical Steel
MADE with Art
MADE for You



Solid German Surgical Steel and made in Austria
Hand-polished to a mirror finish
Cooler smoke
Improved hygiene
Nearly unbreakable
Infinitely reusable 
Unique shape preserves smoke flavours
Fits many prerolled cones
Luxurious feel and easy to pass
Can be used as a external holder/extender
Laser etched logo will not rub or scratch off